Health and safety at work – its up to you

safety at work

For those looking forward to a happy, successful and safe workplace for employees to enjoy, here are some of the top tips for promoting health and safety in the workplace.

Where do you begin when you’re creating a job health and safety system for your workplace? There’s a whole lot of material offered by both authorities and institutions to assist, but what would be the top two items to get you moving? Below are my best tips for reviewing work health and safety processes which will help to ensure a safe work environment. Don’t forget to regularly review your system and hold safety meetings with your employees.

Leadership From the Top

Make certain the company has a credible safety and security policy and also have the leaders of this company talk to about it on a regular basis. Many dangers and obstacles can be minimised by simply enhancing the culture of the company. Endeavour to convince the workforce about why health and safety is a priority and won’t be jeopardised by costly risks. By prioritising the objective of safety from top management, employees are likely to be more proactive and vigilant about their health and the health of others around them. Take the time to know and understand the needs of your employees. If someone has custom instruments for medical purposes then ensure you know how to operate it and have it used safely at work.

Identify Risks which are Most Likely to Result in Accidents Early

Risks are everywhere. Concentrate on a manageable collection of risks which are most likely to result in accidents at work. Prevention is key in employee safety, while improvements in implementation might be effective in addressing a number of those dangers (eg. safety barriers and protective equipment). Proceed through the hierarchy of controls put from the Work Health and Safety Regulation codes to make sure the very best control measures are used. Early identification will assist in preventing accidents down the track, encourage employees to be alert to even small things every day, it could prevent a major accident in the future. Have a log book and record all incidents and areas for improvement frequently.


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